Air Dancers

There is No Better Way to Grab the Attention of Your Guest!

All Rentals for 4 Hours.

6ft. Fiesta Cactus
6ft. Graduation Dog
6ft. “Its A Boy” or “Its A Girl” Stork
6ft. Leprechaun
6ft.  “I Love You” Valentine’s Day Bear
6ft. Long American Flag
6ft. Long Uncle Sam Bear with USA
6ft. Skeleton on a Tombstone
6ft. “Trick Or Treat” Winnie the Pooh
6ft. Pop Up Ghost From a Pumpkin
6ft. Christmas Party Bear
7ft. Scooby-Doo
7ft. Tigger
7ft. Long Pirate Ship
7ft. Cat on a Pumpkin
7ft. Tigger Vampire
7ft. Santa with Toy Sack
8ft. Christmas Tree with Lights
8ft. “Let It Snow” Christmas Party Snowman
8ft. Razorback Team Hog in Uniform
8ft. Fall Festival Pilgrim Dressed as a Turkey
8ft. Fall Festival Scarecrow Dressed as a Pumpkin
8ft. Pop Up Ghost From a Pumpkin
8ft. Green Spider Archway
9ft. Cat Face Archway
9ft. Grim Reaper Archway
10ft. Black Cat with Four Legs Forming an Archway
Birthday Cakes (Table Top – Match to 6ft. Yard Inflatable Birthday Cake)
“Over the Hill” (Vulture on a Tombstone)
Pirate Skeleton
Winnie the Pooh Bear
Tigger Vampire (3ft.)